Services - Hire Equipment

We have a range of equipment available for hire including:

Shower Chair &

Shower Stool                $10pw               


Pedal Exerciser:            Useful for building leg and arm muscles, perfect after a fall to regain strength

                                    Can be placed on a table.

                                    Easily changeable tension 

                                    Cost $5/week


Forearm Crutches          Dual height adjustments and light weight



Underarm Crutches        Height adjustable: 3 sizes          Youth           4’6” to 5’2” (137cm to 157cm)

                                    $10/week                                  Adult            5’2” to 5’2” (157cm to 177cm)                                  

                                                                                    Tall              5’10” to 6’6” (177cm to 198cm)


Rollator with breaks       Great walking aid

Light and easy to fold



Walking Frame              Very light weight

                                    Height adjustable



Walking Sticks              Aluminium and easy to adjust



Wheel Chair                  Light weight so it can be put into a car easily

                                    Comfortable and easy to manoeuvre

                                    $40/week   ($10 for 24h)


Nebuliser                       Ventolair Model (Must purchase own mask set)



Tens Unit (for pain)         Must purchase new pads



Vaporiser                      $15/week

Please contact us for more details.